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  1. Boats must fish all three tournaments to be eligible to win the BCC.
  2. Postponed tournaments (due to weather) may be re-scheduled.  
  3. Hardship boat transfers will be subject to approval by the Billfish Classic Cup Committee (boat transfers authorized by other Tournament Committees will be accepted by the Billfish Classic Cup).
  4. All official billfish release points will be counted towards BCC.
  5. The highest total points earned while fishing sanctioned events will determine the winner of the BCC.
  6. A "Point Tie" will be broken by the boat achieving the highest point total first.  
  7. The BCC Committee's decision is final in all matters pertaining to the Billfish Classic Cup Trophy and Cash Award.  
  8. BCC scoring and leaders will be posted to the LBC, MGCBC and TBC websites after each sanctioned tournament posts final results.